Service Engineering Analytics - Research and Development (RDSEA) concentrates and consolidates research activities, resources, results, and collaborations on Systems, Software and Data Service Engineering Analytics carried out under the lead of Hong-Linh Truong at The Distributed Group Systems, TU Wien.

Service Engineering Analytics

Engineering analytics is concerned with the techniques and tools for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing functions, performance, data quality, elasticity, and uncertainties associated with systems, software, data and services. Some challenges, directions and results were outlined in this habilitation thesis. In our work, we focus on engineering analytics for: Systems, Software, Data, Services.


we focus on emerging complex distributed systems covering cloud systems, IoT, cyber-physical systems and social-cyber-physical systems.


include system software, middleware, and applications in the above-mentioned complex distributed systems.


include various types of data in complex distributed systems that are gathered, processed and provisioned under different services


offer functions built on capabilities of the above-mentioned systems, software and data. Services offer well-defined interfaces (e.g., through Web services) and dynamic business models (e.g. pay-per-use) for consumers to utilize their functions


Lead: Priv.Doz. Dr. Hong-Linh Truong


PhD Students

Master Students

  • Peter Klein
  • Florin Balint


Concepts & Prototypes


Events & News

4 May 2016

Talk in ICCCRI 2016@CloudAsia 2016

We present the SINC conceptual framework

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14 April 2016

Artemis CPS Event

We talk about U-Test work at the Artemis CPS Spring Event

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11 April 2016

Alps Lab

Alps Lab gets a small fund for visits and training

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